50/50 Winners
















A 50/50 draw is a lottery for which 50% of the ticket revenue generated goes to the winning ticket holder and 50% goes to the benefitting charity.

By participating in the 50/50 program at FirstOntario Centre and Tim Hortons Field our fans will be helping to raise proceeds to benefit charitable partners throughout the Greater Hamilton Area, including the Hamilton Bulldogs Foundation.

If you have the winning number, please call 905-546-8173 to claim your prize. The winner will have six (6) months after the date of the draw to claim the prize, with proof of the winning ticket.

Please play responsibly. Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-888-230-3505 or www.problemgamblinghelpline.ca.


      Winning Ticket #                     Prize Amount
                  I-5277187                        Sports prize pack
I-2877573                        $2,812

CANADA DAY - July 1, 2020


Winning Ticket #                     Prize Amount

A-1510731                                $4,452




Winning Ticket #                     Prize Amount

                                        B-2652925                Hamilton Bulldogs Prize Pack

                                        B-2945655                Camp Day Prize Pack

                                        B-2301596                $5,585   


forge 5050 - july 22nd
Winning Ticket #                     Prize Amount
J-4730423                                $898

holiday 5050 - nov 25th - dec 23rd , 2020


Winning Ticket #                     Prize Amount

                                         H-4668991             Carmens & Requip'd Prize Pack

                                         H-1085981             Mackenzie Entwistle Jersey

                                         H-5419911             Nick Caamano Jersey

                                         H-4000727             $4,325