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Donation Requests

To request a donation from the Hamilton Bulldogs for your
upcoming fundraiser or event, please forward a letter to:


Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club
101 York Blvd
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 3L4





  • Letter must contain the date of the event, the contact persons name, phone number and address, the type of fundraiser, expected number of attendees and where the proceeds will go.


  • The Hamilton Bulldogs are very proud to donate dozens of items each month in support of schools, churches, youth groups, community centers and other non-profit organizations.


  • Donations are processed in chronological order, not on a first come first serve basis.


  • Please be patient when submitting a request, you will be contacted by a Bulldogs representative in advance of your event to arrange pick up of your item. Please do not contact our office with additional enquiries


Do you want Bruiser or possibly a Player to attend your upcoming event?



The Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club attended over 400 events last year lending support and adding excitement to a variety of fundraisers, grand openings, fairs and schools and we want to top that during our 2016-17 Season!



Click here to download the Community Request Form Fax it to 905-777-2360 or contact Peggy Chapman at 905-546-8172 (





Players love to make as many appearance as they can, but their availability is limited based on a 68 game schedule, travel and practice commitments. The Hamilton Bulldogs are committed to working with you in any way we can.